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As an employer, you know that employee benefits are a powerful lure for attracting and keeping the most qualified workers. But with so many choices—not to mention ever-changing rules and regulations—picking the right pension plan and related benefits can be a challenge.

RSW Financial Group understands, and can help. Robin S. Weingast collaborates with a cross-disciplinary team of dedicated professionals who thoroughly understand their respective fields—insurance, financial, and more—and their impact on employer-offered benefits.

Company Profile

Size.Working with companies ranging from one employee to several thousand

Scope.Servicing sole proprietorships, partnerships, closely held corporations, S corporations, LLCs, and LLPs

In addition to benefitting from RSW Financial Group’s experience and expertise, you will also benefit from a consistently extraordinary level of customer service. RSW Financial Group will serve as an integral part of your company, which means you benefit from:

• Hands-on, highly personalized service
• Quick turnaround times
• Prompt, courteous responses to questions and concerns

Our Expertise

RSW Financial Group’s clients have access to a full complement of quality investment and insurance products from leading providers.

Our Employee-Related Benefits Programs

• Pension and Retirement Plans – 401(l) Plans with New Comparability Features, Profit Sharing Plans, Defined Benefit Pension Plans, Money Purchase Pension Plans, Cash Balance Defined Benefit Plans, Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans, ESOPS
• Employee Benefit Programs – Group Life Insurance Plans, Long-Terms Care Plans, Long-and Short-Term Disability Plans, Flexible Spending Plans, Cafeteria Plans

Receive a Free Evaluation

Whether your company already offers a retirement plan and other benefits or is considering such programs, RSW Financial Group
welcome the opportunity to provide a free evaluation based on an in-depth analysis of your company and any
existing programs you may have. With this information, RSW Financial Group can suggest new strategies or improvements to your existing program. It’s easy to get started! Just contact RSW Financial Group to learn more.